It all started in 1999,when Iranian origin Haddad's family who live in U.K for almost 30 years now, thought of bringing the food items and all different grocery items
from the Middle East. With the combination of products from Turkey, Iran, Arab Countries and other Middle East countries, we are able to bring you the taste of
east in Scotland, in results it works out best for the people moved in U.K from the Mediterranean will not have to miss the home made cooking with the same ingredients as back home.

Babylon is the biggest retail in Scotland offering you the best brands from the eastern world. We offer products from renowned brands such as Nefis, Ladin,
Sena, Baldo, Kiri, Gazi, Cortas, Efepasa, Madinah delights & many more.

Babylon Supermarket is comprises of four main sections:
1. Grocery
2. Bakery
3. Fresh Vegetables
4. Fresh Halal meat

We make in-house bakery products such as fresh Breads, Pastries, Cakes, Baklava, Iranian Pastries& cakes, Turkish Bread, Arabic Bread, Hubos, etc.
All our Butchery products are Halal and displayed fresh, we do Lamb, chicken, beef, ducks, liver etc.

At Babylon Supermarket, its about quality, value for money, needs of community and above all the satisfaction from our customers. We have something
for everyone.

We offer you a fairly priced quality products and a range of in-house special offers, so drop in today at our storeā€¦.