How we can support going Green with online Grocery shopping?

16 December 2020


“Save earth, save air, save trees in return they will save you”. There are many slogans to save earth and air pollution but that is only limited on Words. Now days, Govt and many NGO’s started campaign and work according to save the earth. Now, Lets come to the Main point here our topic is how we can GO GREEN with online Grocery shopping – our one step to Save the Earth.

Since the online grocery shopping is ascending with the COVID and pandemic caused due to COVID-19 sickness, an ever-increasing number of UK residents are slanted towards online supermarkets as they don't have to escape their homes.

In fact, online shopping for food has been a sheltered and simple method of shopping, yet even in the pandemic, we can select environment-friendly options by making a couple of alterations and become eco-environmentally viable with online shopping for Grocery.

Key points where we can make online grocery shopping more environments friendly

  1. Single packaging for multiple items – Saving on packaging materials.

  2. Same day delivery – Availing same day or next day delivery impacts on storage of products and serves the environment in a unique way.

  3. Single Vehicle using for multiple delivery which is less carbon footprint to save air pollution.

  4. Buy seasonal & local made Grocery & food. Transporting and producing them doesn't generate as much air pollution.

  5. Go for organic food whenever possible or available. Organic produce contains less pesticide & Organic products are grown in the environment friendly facilities where its greener & healthier option for us.

  6. We have to maintain the items in such a way that it can be used as a recyclable packaging material. So the online grocery store should practice delivering the recyclable packaging while delivering fresh grocery.


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