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29 September 2021


It's one thing when a retailer says how great its items are. It's very another when customers themselves give great reviews. There's nothing customers think about purchasing without asking a companion, reading a review. Since most buys start online nowadays, surveys go about as a proxy for a physical representative who could fabricate trust. So, Reviews builds the trust about the product & service provide by the supermarket & Right feedback not only help the buyer, it also helps the shop owner to make the better strategy for their Business.

So, it is the Feedback blog about the UK’s best and leading Supermarket, Babylon Supermarket sells "quality, negligibly prepared, natural & organic foods with a strong emphasis on locally grown. We also sell the best & own baking products. Being a Supermarket, our item range is getting higher, we consistent need steadfast Reviews for our item to acquire the reliability which comes from an word of mount which we consider online reviews nowadays. With a real input on the item, one can get what your purchasers feel about your contributions and services

What Babylon supermarket offers you?

  • Grocery
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Bakery
  • Butchery
  • Soap
  • Frozen food

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Verified & Loyal Reviews from Google


Amelia C

Absolutely delightful and delicious baklava made with a variety of nuts! Great desserts for those who are not fans of pastries that are overly sweet. You won't find such superior quality anywhere else in Glasgow. I have bought these frequently for friends, family and myself. We're not sure about what regional variations of baklava they make but everyone praised how tasty they were and asked for more! The ladies at the bakery and cash register were incredibly friendly and greeted me with a big smile every time I visited. There was a time a male employee at the bakery used his bare hand to pick up a pastry to offer me a sample. It was very nice of him but hygiene should be something to be mindful of. I am not put off by this one-off incident and I still visit frequently.

Mohammed Sabri

Great supermarket.. for Arabic, Kurdish, Iranian, Indian, and Pakistani .. great price.. they have the best Baklava “Baklawa” in the town.. as well as always fresh bakery .. everything you need you can find it there..

khoushyar Kanaan

In fact I came to Irvine by accident and was hungry, and I ordered a pizza from this place, for me it was one of the best pizza I've tasted in the UK because of the dough, I will order from this place again if I get lucky from there

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of super market in UK but Babylon Super Market is the different one because of its Product range and quality food with good service. Not only we are the best for local foods we are also offers Middle Eastern, Arabic, Turkish products which is very popular in UK.

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