Babylon Supermarket – UK’s one of the biggest & People’s Favourite Retail Grocery Marketplace

21 April 2021



It is difficult to rival the market Leader when your opponent is like Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Tesco Retail stores or else other online E-commerce brands, the biggest online business retailers in the country, who accompany many years of involvement and billions in the pocket. The tale of this online commercial centre is very intriguing and an account of steady enthusiasm and conviction but still offline retail stores are existing & quite interesting to buy the daily need products.

In this Generation where everything is on online process but still we are talking about offline. Yeah, it sounds like the 90’s generation when we are comparing to 2021 but here we can explain you the advantages of buying stuffs from offline:-

  • You can get special & personalized attention from the sales guy whatever doubt if you have you can clear it on that moment.
  • No waiting for Delivery & Quick Returns
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Joy of shopping

Babylon is the biggest Middle-east retail in Scotland offering you the best brands from the eastern world. We have four main sections:

  • Grocery
  • Bakery
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Halal meat

Babylon Supermarket is the one of the biggest & People’s favourite Middle east Retail Grocery Marketplace because of its range in product & brand with the best ever seasonal & organic products which gives lavish & cherish the Experience of buying products. You can find a wide variety of local and international foods all under one roof.

Starting from Morning breakfast like cereal’s, milk, butter & in-house bakery products like fresh breads, pastries, cakes, Baklava, Iranian pastries, cakes, Turkish & Arabic breads. If you are a vegetarian then there is a large section of organic vegetables are available & For Non- vegetarian we have also the fresh & halal meat and more products in affordable price range.



In Dairy Segment, Babylon Supermarket has everything from hard cheeses like Parmesan to deli cheeses, sour cream, crème frâiche, buttermilk, regular milk, yogurt, and so on. All of Babylon Supermarket's dairy products are halal certified with that you can easily find the best collection of Tea and Turkish coffee with Turkish delight.

The main Reason for people favourite shopping Destination

  • Products from more than 6 different Countries top brands & reasonably priced.
  • You can find Turkish, Arabic, Asian, Persian and much more countries flavoured food and the Exclusive range in the in-house bakery which are very delicious and tempting.
  • Babylon Gives you customer focused in store appearance, staff availability, quality of fresh product and value for money.
  • Last but most important thing is 4.2 rating on Google & one of the most reviewed local supermarkets in Glasgow.

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